Access to the Centre

By Train

The most convenient and closest train station is Mobara on the JR Sotobo line.

JR Sobu and JR Keiyo railway lines run frequent services from Tokyo station to Mobara via Chiba or Soga station (90mins). 

From the Airport

From Narita take a JR local train to Chiba station and then change for the JR Sotobou line to Mobora. (approx.90mins)

From Haneda take a direct bus to Mobara station.  (approx.90mins)

Departure times 

Term 2 10:45 11:55 14:35 17:35 20:00 22:40 

Term 1 10:50 12:00 14:40 17:40 20:05 22:45 

Arrive Mobara station  12:10 13:20 16:00 19:00 21:25 0:05 

Bus information is available here

Alternatively, there is a limousine bus from Haneda airport to Kamatori station on the Sotobo line. Change here for a local train to Mobara. 

Limousine bus info here

Bus service from Mobara to Dhammadicca

On weekdays, the Kominato Tetsudo Bus from Mobara station to Michinoeki Tsudoino Sato Mutsuzawa is the best option.  This bus departs from Gate No 3.

Get off at Mutsuzawa Chuo Kouminkan (25min)

A car from the centre will meet the bus at these times on Day 0 of a course.

Dep: Mobara Station14:00  Arr: Mutsuzawa chuo Kominkan 14:27  

Dep: Mobara Station15:30  Arr: Mutsuzawa chuo Kominkan 15:57

On weekends and natl. holidays, the bus departs from Gate No 1.  

Get off at Kōgyōdanchi iriguchi  (25min)

A car from the centre will meet the bus at these times on day 0 of the course.

Dep: Mobara station 13:05 - Arr: Kōgyōdanchi iriguchi  13:25

Dep: Mobara station 16:35 - Arr: Kōgyōdanchi iriguchi  16:55

If you are unable to take the bus, taxis are available from the rotary in front of Mobara station. Please inform the driver that your destination is `DHAMMADICCA` (Miyako taxi - 3,300 yen ).

Contact Address

785-3 Kaminogo - Mutsuzawa-cho - Chosei-gun - Chiba-ken, 299-4413

Tel: 0475 40 3611 - Fax: 0475 40 3611 - [email protected]